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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pucker bottoms bikinis is right here!  Not sure what they are, how they look, why they’re popular or just plain curious?  This site is has all the information you need about the pucker look, the different styles and why they make your butt look great!  For starters the pucker bottom is also known as the ruched bottom or the scrunchie bottom.  All three names are describing the same style of bikini bottom and the names used vary from brand to brand.  The name comes from the unique and distinct line of puckered stitching down the back of the bottoms.  They get rid of excess fabric and help to give your butt more shape than a regular bikini bottom would.  The slight indent that’s created helps to hug your curves and show off the shape of your butt.  The puckering doesn’t affect the size of the bottom so find the right size is similar to whatever bikini bottom size you normally wear.  Bikinis are naturally sexy with the amount of skin that’s out on display and this new pucker trend definitely ups the ante.  If you’ve never heard about this style and are curious to learn more, check out the other pages.  If you’ve never tried one on and are curious to see what the fuss is all about, definitely try one on and see for yourself what a difference a little puckering can make.  There are plenty of cuts that offer puckered stitching so you’re sure to find the right look that suits you.  And when you do, you won’t believe how good your butt will look!  Get one and start enjoying all the attention!

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